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Consumers want more than maps, data and statistics. Americans love a good story, and with WeatherNation the weather story is always fresh, creative and entertaining. A staff of professional, degreed meteorologists update national, regional and local, city-scale weather "shows" multiple times/daily for the freshest content available today. Their goal: provide analysis, perspective, trivia and a comprehensive overview. With a choice of 8 different weather technologies these conversational weather narratives will keep consumers on-site longer, returning often for updates. Weather is still the #1 reason why consumers tune to local news. Every one of WeatherNation's meteorologists is a television veteran; we are a team of enthusiastic perfectionists able to interpret the weather and put it into context for your audience. Shows are all produced in HD and dynamically rendered into SD, all standard web and mobile versions using a wide array of industry codecs to insure the greatest quality and compatibility. Options include English or Spanish presentations.

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WeatherNation is dedicated to pushing the envelope of meteorological visualization -- telling the weather story in new, vivid and effective ways. We believe that the only way to do this is to consistently look for the best technology available. We tap into the right software to explain the weather clearly, without becoming too technical or robotic in our approach. Weather-permitting, our meteorologists will try to have a little fun with the forecast. We take the weather seriously, not ourselves.

With that said, WeatherNation is not limited to any one weather vendor. Our producers, forecasters and on-air meteorologists will take advantage of new software breakthroughs: 2-D and 3-D applications that give consumers a new and unique appreciation for the weather. Why is this happening? Which part of my county will see the worst of the storm? What shoudl I be doing to prepare? Should I go fishing this weekend?


WeatherNation will have the answers, leveraging the following high-tech tools:

  • Multiple Graphics Systems: We have a variety of ways to display weather graphics. The plethora of resources available to WeatherNation allows the meteorologist to create unique, creative, informative presentations.
  • 3D Doppler: A powerful and unique new capability, enabling WeatherNation meteorologists to zero in on the most severe regions of a thunderstorm or hurricane; a birds-eye perspective peering inside the storm, highlighting areas of extreme turbulence capable of spinning up a tornado or damaging straight-line winds. The equivalent of a doctor’s CAT-SCAN, 3D Doppler will change the way your viewers think about radar. There is nothing like it on the market today.
  • 3D Earth: WeatherNation technology can show a real-time visualization of our Earth, complete with clouds worldwide; using a breakthrough “air-mouse” our meteorologists can literally "grab the globe," zooming into any one of thousands of towns around the world. We can display real-time conditions and an updated 7-Day Outlook.
  • Google Earth Pro: With a commercial license, WeatherNation taps the full power of Google Earth, including radar displayed over stunning, three-dimensional city skylines. Now you can see the weather from a whole new perspective.
  • MeteoEarth: A truly revolutionary way to present weather with full touch-screen control. We invite you to visit MeteoEarth's website.
  • The Web: There is a wealth of great visuals that are available online and WeatherNation takes full advantage of websites, high-resolution photos and graphics that help to tell the weather story.

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