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Your own, customized, always-on weather channel? The timing is right. Streaming technology allows subscribers the option of producing a dynamic, continuous feed of customized, hyper-local weather content. Clients will be able to quickly and easily set up a unique stream to roll through a full menu of graphics, both animated and static. As new weather data arrives the graphics are updated, automatically. Clients can also tap our licensed Ad Manager to insert unique branding for each graphical element or insert commercials between elements. Our built-in music tracks and custom text-to-speach engine is also included. The platform can be used to dynamically build any length weather spot for use during station breaks, streamed to the web or set up to run 24x7. Platform options include web resolutions, SD broadcast formats and full 1080i HD broadcast format options.

Packages available from $299 per month.

See Weather Stream in Action

How it works

At the most basic level, HAMvid is an external Flash application hosted on our servers that you simply add to your web page using a single line of JavaScript code. The weather data, maps, animations and audio are hosted on our servers so you never have to worry about performing lengthy installs or meeting a long list of requirements on your own server. No programming experience is required!


Weather Stream was designed to be fully customizable and expandable, which makes it one of the most innovative weather content delivery solutions available. Change how it looks, how it acts, what it displays and more depending on your needs. Almost every component in HAMvid can be customized for total creative flexibility. We can also work with you to develop highly customized solutions, such as custom slides, graphics, weather content and audio. If our standard display ratio of 4:3 (dimensions of 640x480, 480x360 or 320x240) will not suffice for your custom implementation, HAMvid can also be customized to work with other sizes and aspect ratios.


HAmvid can be used on any web page by the inclusion of a small snippet of JavaScript code. It can also be used on public display systems in supermarkets, banks, post offices, private businesses and more. No matter how you use Hamvid, you will not have to worry about the content becoming outdated no matter how long you let your feeds play as it was developed to continuously update the weather data and maps in the background.


Complete content management

You choose what types of weather content to display and the order in which to display it. Simply use one of our standard HAMvid feeds or build your own from our growing slide library.

Multiple geographic scales

Our weather content can be offered at many different scales, from your local metro area, to your state, region and/or country. We also offer international and specialty data and maps to match your specific market and user base.

Total playback control

Automatically start playing, randomize your slides, loop your feed, play background audio and narration, or select which audio to use from our audio library. With HAMvid you can control every aspect of how your feeds are played.

Add audio and background music

Add background music and/or text narration to accompany your feeds graphics. Select from our library of music and pre-recorded audio or use our TTS (text-to-speech) engine to narrate more dynamic weather content.

Custom branding and identity

Configure your HAMvid feeds to match your site’s existing style and colors by using many of our customizable options. Need even more customization? We will work with you directly to develop and implement your solutions.

Smart loading

No need to worry about long download times. HAMvid reduces the amount of bandwidth and resource usage over other streaming media while offering a greater potential for expandability and control. After the initial preloading during feed playback, weather content will continue to download in the background for slides that appear later in your feed to diminish the initial download times.

Linked content

Each slide in your feed can be linked to a URL of your choice, such as your own web page. When a user clicks on a slide, they can be taken to the respective URL.

Continuous updates

Whether you play your feeds just once or let them play all day, you will receive the latest weather content related to your specific feed. HAmvid is developed to continuously update the content in the background during playback.


HAMvid standard dimensions follow a 4:3 ratio, where our standard sizes are 640x480, 480x360 and 320x240. However, larger dimensions are also supported, such as 800x600, for usage on larger public displays. If the 4:3 size ratio does not meet your needs, HAMvid is scalable enough that we can work with you to execute your custom solutions.


Our standard library of slides and weather content are only the beginning. HAmvid can use your own custom slides, images and streaming video content in conjunction with our standard slides. Need custom weather content and/or slides that are not a part of our library? No problem. Contact us and we will work with you directly in order to realize your goals.


Weather Stream can support multiple languages in both the main interface and the various content slides available. We currently only support Spanish but are quickly expanding our library to support additional languages as well.

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